vending machine ads
Want guaranteed attention? Put your ad on a vending machine.
Measurable impressions and results
Competitively Priced
New and untapped
Vending machine ads are perfect for any business that needs to reach the local community in British Columbia...
The simple truth is most advertising mediums are noisy. VendingAd is a medium where people actually pay attention. Business owners who work with us get more customers, at a lower cost per acquisition than digital.
  •  Measurable: Do you need a measurable way to attract leads and customers for your business?
  •  Untapped: Are you tired of using the same mediums as your competitors? 
  • Cost-Effective: Is your digital ad spend worth it for the results you're getting?
  • Longer Impressions: Do you want to put your message where prospects are spending an average of 20 seconds?
Meet Marc, Tom, and Rick, the founding team of VendingAd. Marc's a creative director, Tom comes from the world of business and operations, and Rick is a sales manager.
VendingAd was created by business owners, for business owners
Like you, we know just slapping an ad on a surface isn’t advertising. You need an ad medium that draws people who are ready to think about your product, and holds their attention. That’s why advertising on vending machines in the communities where you do business works. 
Advertise in your community, or across the province
We can put your ad on over 1800 vending machines across BC. Let’s put a package together that works for your business.
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